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The best hotel massage in Ft. Lauderdale


Currently Not Available  - Experience The Magic Touch Group's Best Massages In The Comfort Of Your Hotel Room

Our massage therapists are available 7 days a week during the day and the evening. The selected therapist will bring all the equipment and supplies necessary to provide the best massage, including a professional massage table and linens. Please make sure that there is enough space in your room to properly set up a massage table and that the space remains professional. You will be visited by the therapist  best suited for the kind of massage you require, selected from our pool of the best massage therapists in Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

The therapies best suited for hotel in-room massages are Swedish and Deep Tissue Massages. With sufficient advance notice, massage therapists certified in the following modalities can also be made available: 


For all other massage modalities we recommend that you visit one of our studios. If there is none close-by, we may still be able to accommodate you at a friendly nearby massage studio where our therapists are welcome. 

The rates are the same as our in-studio rates. There is, however, a surcharge of $45 to cover travel time and travel expenses.  You also cover, in cash, valet and parking fees, if any. The total cost may still be below the rates of the hotel's own spa. A credit card is needed to guarantee an in-hotel massage; if you prefer to pay the therapist in cash, we will not charge your card. A gratuity of 20% will be added for your convenience. Discount vouchers cannot be used with in-hotel massages, and there may be a surcharge for gift-certificate and pre-paid package redemption as well as on certain holidays;  Please check with us by phone at 888.652.9296.

Please see "Rates" for pricing information and cancellation terms.

The best hotel massage in Miami

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​We listen. 
To you. Your body. Your reaction to treatments.​
We relieve stress and relax you.
We reduce pain. 

Tendon, ligament and Injury relief.
We lessen anxiety and depression.
We help you heal.
We lower hypertension and glucose levels.
We rejuvenate you.
We make you feel and look better,younger.

Experience The Magic Touch!​

Excquisitely decorated - Exceptional treats!

"The best massage in Ft. Lauderdale"

​"The best massage in Ft. Lauderdale"


Office And Ft. Lauderdale Day Spa:

3015 N. Ocean Blvd, 

Ft. Lauderdale


More locations between Miami and Palm Beach coming

Massage ft. Lauderdale

Perfect For Any Occassion

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​"The best massage in Ft. Lauderdale"

​"The best massage in Ft. Lauderdale"

The best massage therapists in Ft. Lauderdale

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