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Benefits Of The Magic Touch Massage Membership Plans

At The Magic Touch Group, membership is easy. No annual contract. 

As a member, you enjoy substantial benefits and, unlike with other massage memberships, you can cancel online every 90 days, no questions asked.  

Memberships are available for $25 per month, or $50 per month, and $70 or $140 for 90 days. Membership must be paid to receive benefits.

With a paid membership of $25, up to four massages per month (or up to 240 minutes of treatments) and with a paid membership of $50 up to eight massages per month (or up to 480 minutes of treatments) are discounted at 25%.  Unused massages (or minutes) roll over to the next month but expire at the end of your membership. If you start your membership during a month, your first month will be pro-rated. Membership does not cover gratuities nor the supplement for out-calls. Membership also provides a discount of 10% on most products that are available for sale at our studios. Membership is personal and cannot be transferred. A Magic Touch membership makes an excellent gift!

Memberships can be purchased online by clicking on your choice of membership below, by calling 888.652.9296, or at our studios. If you decide to purchase a membership at a studio immediately after a massage, your membership will be valid as of that date and today's massage will already be discounted. Your membership card will be mailed to you within 5 business days. Enjoy the best massage in Ft. Laudedale!

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​We listen. 
To you. Your body. Your reaction to treatments.​
We relieve stress and relax you.
We reduce pain. 

Tendon, ligament and Injury relief.
We lessen anxiety and depression.
We help you heal.
We lower hypertension and glucose levels.
We rejuvenate you.
We make you feel and look better,younger.

Experience The Magic Touch!​

Excquisitely decorated - Exceptional treats!

"The best massage in Ft. Lauderdale"

​"The best massage in Ft. Lauderdale"


Office And Ft. Lauderdale Day Spa:

3015 N. Ocean Blvd, 

Ft. Lauderdale


More locations between Miami and Palm Beach coming

Massage ft. Lauderdale

Perfect For Any Occassion

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​"The best massage in Ft. Lauderdale"

​"The best massage in Ft. Lauderdale"

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