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Founded by the former CEO of a global luxury hotel brand and his partner, a health-care provider, The Magic Touch Group provides to certified practitioners in the Medical Aesthetics, Beauty, and CAM (Complementary And Alternative Medicine aka Integrative Medicine) industries comprehensive marketing, scheduling, financial services and, in select cities, shared office space in beauty, health and wellness centers. The practitioners remain independent, operating their own businesses.


Independently owned and operated, The Magic Touch Group in Fort Lauderdale is a unique Day Spa with Florida State licensed and insured massage therapists and estheticians. Other services such as Acupuncture, Body Contouring, Airbrush Sun Tanning, and more are being added.


We Change The Way You Feel!


We rejuvenate you. We bust your stress. We deeply relax you. We reduce pain. We re-energize you and improve your performance – at work, in the field, in the gym. We lessen anxiety and depression. We help you heal. We lower hypertension and glucose levels. We boost your PMS and menopausal moods and emotions. We help you sleep deeper and longer with our special Insomnia treatment. We design each massage to meet your personal health and wellness goals.


We Change The Way You Experience Massage:


We smile. We are happy. We are friendly. We listen. To you. Your body. Your reaction to our treatments. We don't shoo you out - we welcome you with a choice of our Signature Glacial Water, Herbal Teas, Coffee or Swiss Hot Chocolate, fresh fruit and dark Swiss Chocolate Truffles, and we may even sit down and talk with you, if you wish, before you leave.


Our therapy rooms are unlike any other in the area. Serenely themed and beautifully decorated, you select your own blissful escape: the Island Paradise Serenity that transports you to an island without the trip, the Indian Goddess Sanctuary for an exotic Asian experience, the Bamboo Oasis with its fountain and real bamboo, and the Egyptian Suite for a mystic encounter with an ancient culture.


For our phenomenally relaxing specialty therapies such as the Indian Abhyanga Ayurvedic Therapy, the Polynesian Taurumi and The Ancien Roman Massage, our therapists dress in Indian Sari, Roman Stola or Polynesian Resort wear and play original sounds to complete the semblance of a mini-vacation. The specialty massages are also available as four hands massages.


Massage At Your Hotel, Home, Office or Event!


The Magic Touch Group Fort Lauderdale brings chair or table massages to your hotel, your residence, your club,  your office, and to your corporate or private/party events (in costumes matching your event).


The Magic Touch Group Fort Lauderdale - Unparalleled Experiences For Body, Mind And Soul!

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​We listen. 
To you. Your body. Your reaction to treatments.​
We relieve stress and relax you.
We reduce pain. 

Tendon, ligament and Injury relief.
We lessen anxiety and depression.
We help you heal.
We lower hypertension and glucose levels.
We rejuvenate you.
We make you feel and look better,younger.

Experience The Magic Touch!​

Excquisitely decorated - Exceptional treats!

"The best massage in Ft. Lauderdale"

​"The best massage in Ft. Lauderdale"


Office And Ft. Lauderdale Day Spa:

3015 N. Ocean Blvd, 

Ft. Lauderdale


More locations between Miami and Palm Beach coming

Massage ft. Lauderdale

Perfect For Any Occassion

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​"The best massage in Ft. Lauderdale"

​"The best massage in Ft. Lauderdale"

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